before my friend, Kak Ham showed me the MV of this song, honestly, i never like this song. in 2006, Kak Ham showed me this cute MV. all of sudden, i started to like this song. the singer in this MV, Jang Na Ra is very cute. how i wish i can become as cute as her. hehehe...

i hope you will N-JOY the MV.

Song Title ---> SWEET DREAM

Tarikh: Time aku degree
Lokasi: Kenduri perkahwinan abang kepada Kak Aili (Johor)
Model Kamera: Premier

ape aku nak post hr ni ek? xde idea la. ape kata...aku post gmbr2 candid yg aku tlh ambl time kuliah...time aku ngah cuba2 nak hlgkn rs mngantuk tahap gaban. kpd mmber2 skuliah yg trasa @ kecik ht, sorry byk2. ni skadar gurauan utk mghburkn ht smbil2 mmpromote muka2 korg. famous ape...korg dpt msuk blogspot aku...hehehe...


another boring day...damn it! yup...i'm building THE GREAT WALL OF BOREDOM now! but...never mind. as long as i can download as many MV as i want, it doesn't matter. oh, wait! did i mention something about downloading MV? how on earth i managed to bypass my university's proxy server?

hehehe...that's a secret. i already use this technique for about 1 year. actually, it's an alternative way to download any MV from youtube but...NOT completely bypass the proxy server. time i'll share it with all of you.

OK...back to my hobby - downloading MV. below, is one of the latest MV that i managed to download. i must admit...this is one of the best MV (by Malaysian artist) i've ever seen. VERY CREATIVE! thumbs-up to the director of the MV, Ms. Karen!

in my previous post, i've mentioned that i really like Estranged band especially their music. their recent song, YANG PERNAH really suite my taste. now, that's what i call...COOL!

Song Title ---> YANG PERNAH

p/s: The making of this

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hr ni 17/9/2011...giler la! dh stahun lbh blog aku x update. giler x giler!
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