another boring day...damn it! yup...i'm building THE GREAT WALL OF BOREDOM now! but...never mind. as long as i can download as many MV as i want, it doesn't matter. oh, wait! did i mention something about downloading MV? how on earth i managed to bypass my university's proxy server?

hehehe...that's a secret. i already use this technique for about 1 year. actually, it's an alternative way to download any MV from youtube but...NOT completely bypass the proxy server. time i'll share it with all of you.

OK...back to my hobby - downloading MV. below, is one of the latest MV that i managed to download. i must admit...this is one of the best MV (by Malaysian artist) i've ever seen. VERY CREATIVE! thumbs-up to the director of the MV, Ms. Karen!

in my previous post, i've mentioned that i really like Estranged band especially their music. their recent song, YANG PERNAH really suite my taste. now, that's what i call...COOL!

Song Title ---> YANG PERNAH

p/s: The making of this

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hr ni 17/9/2011...giler la! dh stahun lbh blog aku x update. giler x giler!
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